Tips For A Game-Night Organizer

April 19, 2016 at 6:03 am
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If you are the designated organizer for the game night for this week, then you might end up scratching your head if you are doing it for the first time. If your family had the tradition then you would not end up so confused about the whole affair but for those who have only enjoyed but never planned such a thing, here are some tips to keep in mind when making time after work to get the party preparations going.

Make space

You cannot have any type of scoreboard hanging over your dining space to entertain the guests while they are eating, so it is best to make your dining room into a television room or vice versa in order to facilitate the eating and watching at the same time. Reposition furniture to face the TV and make room to maneuver among the furniture.

Food and beverages

One of the more popular choices for the game night is pizza. But it does not have to be limited to just that so you can go for your favorite dips and chips, finger food like mini sandwiches and salads, pita bread and guacamole and such. You can get the grill up if you can view the television or reposition it so that you can view it from the outside. Make sure to find out the favorite foods and allergies beforehand so you can avoid the ambulances and hospitals.

Make sure to have a separate table in the back of the room or the adjacent room for food and drinks as it will get crowded in the television room if you keep food in there too.


Get into the spirit of the game and decorate the room with the slogans and colors of the team you and friends are rooting for. You can get napkins, plates, plastic slogans and banners, cheering gear and other small items to get the spirits high. Do not go overboard as it will just end up being you cleaning up everything. If you are actually tech savvy you can get scoreboards in Australia running too.

Parking spacing

One of the problems of living anywhere and having a party is the consequential parking issues. You might end up in the wrong side of tracks with their neighbors if it gets too crowded in the street and too loud inside the house so make sure to plan for both scenarios by keeping your neighbors in the loop. Give directions for any parking space available around your block beforehand to avoid any overcrowding.

Make sure to plan ahead, with extra food and drinks and also a clean house for your guests.

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