Job Role Of A Creative Director

April 4, 2016 at 1:25 am
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Creative directors are basically innovators who are responsible for expanding the company’s business through marketing, promotions, and branding. Their focus lies on printing products, online work or sometimes both. A creative director takes charge of a specific department or manages the outsourced vendors. In order to become a successful creative director, you need years of job experience and broad education history. The job role of a creative director is vast and some of the main duties and the role performed by them have been listed below.

Skills and knowledge in technical field

In order to work as a creative director in a company, you will require skills in technical fields in several areas. Some of the skills include editing, copywriting, graphic designing, training signwriters Sydney and so on. As a creative director you should be well versed with the software such Flash, Photoshop, In Design and many such applications related to desktop publishing. In addition, you may be required to have knowledge of coding languages such as Drupal, CSS, Java and HTML. Some companies also look for directors with an experience in video editing such as Adobe and so on.

Required qualifications for a successful creative director

To become a successful creative director in one of the reputed companies, you must possess leadership qualities. A creative director manages a team of photographers, designers, signwriters, writers and editors. To ensure that the team works efficiently, the creative director should show up his leadership traits and motivate them to perform their job brilliantly when it comes to meeting deadlines or creating excellent products.

Leadership qualities

You should also have excellent communication skills besides leadership qualities as it helps in communicating and making the team understand the importance of brand development. Interacting with other departments with confidence is a must as the job involves interacting not only with entry level designers, but also with the CEO of the company.
Job experience

The creative directors need to manage departments which include a group of vendors and make them understand their responsibilities. To be able to perform this, you should have prior experience as a team manager as it helps in successfully managing a department and also handling issues related to budget and completing projects within deadline. You should be a good planner who works within the timeline and believes in keeping deadlines. These qualities can take you a long way in terms of your career and success. When you understand your duties well, you can surely become a successful creative director and soon climb the ladder of success. These are some of the roles performed by a creative director. If you are keen to become one, you should possess these qualities.

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