Understanding Promotional USBs

January 12, 2015 at 11:02 pm
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usb.13Promotional USBs aren’t the most interesting things you will ever see on the market. After all, they are just memory sticks that a lot of people to use these days, right? Well, you would be surprised at what developers go through to create products that attract the eyes of companies desperate to brand their names. One of theĀ promotional USBs in Melbourne you may be interested to use is called the Twister USB Flash Drive or Twister USB Memory Stick. As with all promotion USBs, the design is of a regular USB stick with a blank slate on top. This is so that the customer can decide to print their own company logo on top for distribution or company reasons. It is common for companies to want to broadcast their names even within their own walls. The common use of computers and the need to carry files on portable devices make promotional USBs very lucrative and convenient. Therefore, companies will purchase blank slate promotional USBs with the intent of stamping their own name on top as a branding exercise. In terms of features, the Twister USB Flash Drive is like other typical flash drives. It has varying capacities, starting at two gigabytes and ending with 64. It can be expensive to purchase promotional USBs with 64 gigabytes of space but the convenience of the device makes it practical. The software compatibility is very generous. Promotional USBs will always support the latest Windows operating systems as a courtesy.

However, this product goes as far as to support Windows 2000. It will also support Macintosh devices. That makes this promotional USB a very useful storage device if you find computers that are astoundingly out of date.
The Kinetic promotional USB Flash Drive could be considered prettier than the Twister product. Rather than metal on top of a stick that has to be treated carefully — unless you want to hurt yourself deliberately — the Kinetic is a plain stick. Flashbay — its developer — specifically designed thisĀ promotional stubby holders in Melbourne to make branding easier. The design is a generously-sized bar where the logo can be printed. However, this promotional USB has an interesting feature which has found its way into many other similar products: the retractable connector.

The unique sliding mechanism ensures that you do not have to worry about a cap. Instead, you use the slider to pull out or retract the connector at your convenience. Be warned, however; it is possible to accidentally push the connector back in when you want to insert it into a USB slot. That is the drawback to the feature so you need to be careful when using the flash drive on a computer or other device that allows USB flash drive support. There is no difference to the memory capacity compared to the Twister product. Likewise, there is no difference to the operating system compatibility compared to the Twister product. This includes compatibility with Mac computers.

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