Using A Marquee For A Corporate Event

July 29, 2014 at 11:40 pm
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If you are attending a corporate event you may be wondering about the best option for display tents. For corporate sales events marquees and gazebos can make a perfect option. With a range of sizes, they can suit all company events. Marquees and the like allow you to customise your corporate image and display attracting potential customers to your stand where they can browse your products or find out about the services you offer.
If you’ve never thought about using a marquee or gazebo before for corporate events you will need to take into consideration what you will be using the marquee for. At some sales events, including those held inside a convention centre, you may be offered the use of a range of tents for your display, and it really does depend on what you are displaying as to the size of your tent. For example, if you are at an agricultural show and you are selling small machinery, you may want a large 9m x 9m marquee which will allow you to display all of your products while keeping them out of the weather. If, on the other hand, you are displaying a small product such as hand tools, a small 3m x 3m tent may be enough space for you.

But it isn’t just sales events that marquees are great for; they also make a great venue option for corporate dinners, fundraisers and team building activities. With size options that allow you to have from 20 to 700 people, and the ability to decorate a marquee however you see fit, you can create a special event that your clients and staff will remember for years to come. When it comes to team building events, marquees in Sydney of high quality are a great option. With the ability to set them up basically anywhere, you also have the option of blocking off areas with curtains and screens to make separate rooms where you can split your team up. Instead of using one big marquee or gazebo, you can also use smaller ones providing a little more sound resistance and privacy.

If you are a food service company who attends events to provide food and drinks to attendees, a small marquee over the food serving and cooking area will provide customers a shaded area to purchase items from as well as keeping you out of the weather. With the weather we experience, marquees in Australia make it easy to hold or attend an event all year round. With their different set up options, you can be ready for all seasons and all weather events. Marquees are also a great way of stepping away from the boring inside of a convention centre and allow you to take your event outdoors. Gazebos in Melbourne and gazebos provide a lot of great options for corporate events, and with the ability to either brand them or hang banners and the like from the side they can be the perfect way to make your company stand out amongst your competitors.

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