Why are engraved keyrings more preferable?

May 19, 2014 at 12:36 am
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At any point, keys must be kept in way that they are hardly subjected to any form of misplacement. When keys are not well kept, they can easily get lost and thus giving rise to other complications aimed at breaking the locks involved. Such attempts are quite embarrassing and this calls for a more reasonable way of ensuring that keys are kept safe to prevent their loss. The engraved key rings can be used preferably to prevent such occurrences. These kinds of keyrings are designed in a way that they have extensions that have surfaces which are engraved. The engravings may involve details of the company’s name or a relevant trademark either on one side of the surface or both. For more details about keyrings, Click this.

Other keyrings may have such details printed like in the case of many custom keyrings instead of being engraved. However, many companies will prefer engraving their keyrings rather than printing them. The reasons behind such preferences include;

The durability of the indications on the surfaces

-The engraved key rings have more life than the printed ones as far as keeping the indicated details is concerned. This is because the engraved ones are not easily subjected to fading unless the engraving exercise is done poorly.

-On the other hand, the printed ones will soon fade as the ink used does not last for long.

-When the fading takes place, the surface is left blank and it assumes an ugly appearance with time.

The ease of putting such indications on the surfaces

-One will note that the engraving process in the manufacture of keyrings is quite easy to go about as compared to when printing is employed.

-This is because the printing process will be highly selective when it comes to the kind of surfaces involved.

-Also the printing techniques used require the employment of a higher degree of professionalism when weighed against the engraving method.

The costs involved

-The engraving technique in keyrings manufacture is very cost effective as it requires fewer inputs.

-However, the printing process is different due to the heavy requirement of inputs towards perfecting it.

-The printing ink must be varied so as create a better impression of the design and this is quite expensive to go about.

-The engraving process involves removal of certain sections so as to develop cavities that resemble your intended designs.

-Nevertheless, the engraving process requires extensive surfaces so as to create enough room for the engraving and thus making it less economical as far as the engraving material is concerned.

These considerations are very crucial to enable the manufacturer make wise decisions when manufacturing such keyrings. A keyrings supplier will also look at such factors when setting the appropriate price for various keyrings. Although, the engraved keyrings carry more benefits as compared to the printed ones, it also appears that the printed key rings are more impressive than the engraved ones as they are designed with different colors. This factor limits the preference of the engraved key rings to some extent.

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